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The Dental Boutique first opened its doors in 2010 and has expanded ever since into what it is today. A beautiful dental clinic with everything modern dentistry has to offer.

We love doing what we do and we are damn good at it. When you love doing something, it really isn’t that hard to put all your effort into it and turn it into something exceptional.  We have the latest technology and gadgets to keep up with the newest advances in the dental field. We can honestly say that we deliver  premium level dental treatment to our patients.

We specialize in cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry and we enjoy making our patients happy. Patients from all ages are welcome at our practice and we always do our utmost best to ensure that you have a memorable experience. One that you would recommend to others.

Our patients get the treatment they deserve.

Cutting Edge Equipment


CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction of dental restorations. It is the most advanced form of CAD/CAM dentistry or computer-aided design/computer aided manufacturing. CEREC restorations are highly aesthetic and is made from high grade purified porcelain. CEREC was developed in 1980 in Zurich and has manufactured more than 25 million successful restorations worldwide. CEREC allows us to take digital 3D impressions, design, manufacture and place your dental restoration chairside in a single appointment, rather than multiple appointments. A single procedure can take as little as 45 minutes and can save time from your busy schedule.

Cerec omnicam

CEREC Omnicam is the flagship 3D scanner from Sirona. In contrast to earlier scanners it allows us to scan full colour surfaces in motion and in real-time. This new technology allows us to scan faster and more accurate than ever before. It also has additional features like matching tooth shade and colour. It quite simply is the best there is to offer.

CEREC MC XL premium milling unit

Sirona’s CEREC MC XL premium milling unit is used for manufacturing of all the chairside porcelain and zirconium dental restorations designed in CEREC software. The unit is the fastest and largest of all Sirona’s units. It has 4 drills that mills within an accuracy range of less than 5 microns, ensuring an ultra-precise fit of your porcelain restoration. You can view the entire milling process of your porcelain restoration at the Dental Boutique.

Carestream CT scan

Kodak Carestream dental CT-scan unit takes 3-dimensional CT scans that is used in a variety of diagnostic applications and treatment planning at the Dental Boutique. It has the highest resolution in its field and delivers outstanding CT scan images. We use CT scans for diagnostic purposes, planning of surgical cases and for root canal treatments. Dental CT scans is something that we can’t work without anymore and has improved the level of treatment of our patients significantly.

Carestream digital pan

Carestream’s digital Panoramic x-ray unit takes panoramic x-rays of unparalleled quality. These x-rays are used for routine evaluations, consultations and planning as it includes all the teeth, sinuses and both of the jaws and joints.

Carestream high res intra-oral camera

A picture is worth a thousand words. Carestream’s intra oral camera is probably one of the coolest gimmicks that we have. It allows us to take high resolution macro images of your teeth. We use it for illustration purposes and patients love it.

Melag class-B autoclave

At the Dental Boutique we take disinfection and sterilisation seriously. Working in a clean environment is absolutely critical when it comes to oral health and dental procedures. That is why we have invested in a top of the range class-B autoclave. We also adhere to a strict sterilisation protocol to ensure that all instruments and surfaces are germ-free.

Infire speed zirconia furnace

Sirona’s InFire Speed zirconia furnace is a state of the art furnace that is needed to process zirconia restorations form its un-sintered chalky-white form to the rock-hard shiny end product. It all happens right here at the Dental Boutique at an astonishing 1850 °C.

Kodak digital x-ray sensor

Kodak digital intra-oral x-ray sensors are used to take small high resolution x-rays of teeth and are used routinely for diagnosis of dental caries and for root canal treatments.

Sirona intego dental treatment center

We are proud to offer the ultimate level of comfort and efficiency with the Sirona Intego dental chair and treatment station. Relax in the natural curvature of the Intego chair while we transform your smile.

Nsk endomate

Root canal treatments terrify patients. Luckily we have the NSK Endomate which has turned root canal treatments into a breeze. With built in torque control settings and auto-reverse the process is gentle and patient-friendly.

Ivoclar programat porcelain furnae

Ivoclar’s Programat vacuum porcelain furnace is a state of the art vacuum furnace. We use it for crystallisation of e-max porcelain and also for the finer artwork-stains and glazes. Each tooth and porcelain restoration is customized and painted individually according to your request and natural gradients of colour. We can match any colour, shape and size.

W&h implant station

The W&H implant station is an implant specific unit, designed for implant surgery and placement. We place all our implants with this system and has had excellent results with it.

Xios plus digital x-ray sensor

Sirona’s Xios plus digital intra-oral x-ray sensors are used to take small high resolution x-rays of teeth and are used routinely for diagnosis of dental caries and for root canal treatments.


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