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Prevention is better than cure. We have all heard that saying and it really is the truth.

We are proud and excited to offer all forms of orthodontics at the dental boutique to our patients.

Having skew teeth or a malocclusion affects you more than you would think and there is no reason why it should. It can be treated successfully. The effects of a malocclusion include speech problems, functional problems such as eating, TM joint problems and headaches and last but not least, dental problems such as excessive wear of your teeth and an increase in the likelihood to develop dental decay due to the increased difficulty to maintain oral hygiene. It also affects your airways and can have a detrimental effect on your sleeping pattern.

The most common problem that we have is the shortage of space for all our teeth to erupt into. It is important to not only treat the teeth themselves but also to treat and develop both of the jaws to create space for all the teeth to erupt into. Early interceptive orthodontics and orthopaedics should be started at the age of 8 years. We generally refer to this as phase 1 treatment. Sometimes phase 1 treatment is sufficient and will allow all the teeth to erupt into a natural position with no further treatment required. Phase 2 treatment is needed when there are still some space or position problems to resolve after phase 1 treatment. This generally involves fixed braces treatment and should normally be commenced as soon as all the permanent teeth have erupted. This normally occurs at the age of 12- 14 years.

Teenagers and adults who have skew teeth can also be treated with fixed braces even if they didn’t have phase 1 treatment.

If you have relapse of skew teeth after you have previously had braces we can treat your teeth with modern clear aligners that decreases treatment time and is a much more aesthetic option than getting braces again.

If you have skew teeth please schedule an orthodontic consultation and we will discuss all the possible options to get your smile perfect again.