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Holistic dentistry for the whole family.

Your dental health is a vital part of a healthy life. That is why we treat every member of your family with a smile. Whether it’s paediatric dentistry, oral hygiene, dental decay, stained teeth, orthodontics, wisdom teeth, implants, dentures or cosmetic makeovers, we do it all. 

Proper dental care and long-term maintenance is crucial and has no age limit. Visit us every six months for dental check-ups to prevent damage to your teeth.

General Dentistry

Day-to-Day Dentistry

We perform all normal day-to-day dental procedures as part of our comprehensive treatment protocol. These include routine dental check-ups, oral hygiene appointments, fillings, extractions and even false teeth.

TM Joint Disorders and Excessive Grinding

We have a special interest in treating temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and excessive grinding. Leading a modern day life in the city will inevitably lead to high levels of stress, which has a way of creeping into all facets of your life, including your physical health. Grinding, or bruxism and TMJ disorder is more common than ever and you could be suffering from it. Common symptoms include headaches, neck pain, clicking sounds in your jaw, jaw-deviation, or pain when you open or close your mouth. You could also suffer from sleep apnoea, facial muscle aches or a tired jaw when you wake-up in the morning. In severe cases vertigo, tinnitus and sometimes loss of hearing can also manifest as symptoms.

Dental X-Ray and 3D CT Scan

We have the latest in dental imaging technology. Our dental CT scanner is the flagship and we also act as a CT scan centre for referring dentists. CT scans have become the golden standard for implant planning, root canal treatments, and diagnostics in cases where ordinary x-rays are not sufficient.


Implant Dentistry

We are experts in the entire implant dentistry process, from the diagnostic phase, the expert 3D planning, and the placement of the implants, to the final restoration of the implants with porcelain crowns or implant-supported superstructures. We also maintain and service implant-supported superstructures and replace worn and broken structures.

Dental implants have become the replacement option of choice for lost teeth. When a tooth has been lost, it can be replaced with a high grade titanium implant and a beautiful porcelain crown, restoring your lost tooth’s natural look and feel. Multiple lost teeth can be replaced with a variety of multi-unit implant-supported superstructures.

To get a dental implant requires in-depth evaluation, diagnosis and planning. We are proud to have the latest technology in 3D imaging and planning that modern dentistry has to offer. If you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth, and a traditional denture simply its not the solution for you, contact us for an in-depth consultation for dental implants. We can change your life.

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene should be considered the single most important factor in improving the longevity of your teeth and gums. Your oral hygiene also affects your systemic health, well-being in general, relationships and social life. This is why you shouldn’t ignore or forget about it. Make sure that you visit us every six months for a professional oral hygiene appointment. We can remove stubborn stains, clean all the difficult-to-reach places and give you expert advice on your oral hygiene practices.


We are proud and excited to offer all forms of orthodontics to our Dental Boutique patients. Having skew teeth or a malocclusion affects you more than you would think, but there is no reason why it should because we can successfully treat you. The effects of a malocclusion include speech problems, functional problems such as eating, TM joint problems and headaches, and dental problems including excessive wear on your teeth and an increase in the likelihood of developing dental decay due to the increased difficulty to maintain oral hygiene. It also affects your airways and can have a detrimental effect on your sleeping patterns.

The most common problem in orthodontics, is a shortage of space for all the teeth to erupt into. It is not only important to treat the teeth themselves, but also to treat and develop both of the jaws to create space for all the teeth to erupt into. Early interceptive orthodontics and orthopaedics should be started at the age of eight years. We generally refer to this as phase one treatment. Sometimes phase one treatment is sufficient and will allow all the teeth to erupt into a natural position without any further treatment. Phase two treatment is needed when there are still space or position problems to resolve after phase one treatment. This generally involves fixed braces, and should normally start as soon as all the permanent teeth have erupted—normally between the ages of 12–14 years.

Teenagers and adults who have skew teeth can also be treated with fixed braces even if they didn’t have phase one treatment.

If you have previously had braces but your skew teeth relapse, we can treat your teeth with modern clear aligners that decrease treatment time and are a more aesthetic option than getting braces again.

Schedule an orthodontic consultation to discuss all the possible options to get your flawless smile.